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Sylvana Alonzo

Has not filled out survey

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Watch Video Here

Chad West

Question: Tell us about who you are and why you are running for office.

I'm a home owner and small business owner in Oak Cliff. My family and I bought our first home south of the Trinity River over a

decade ago, and we are proud to call Oak Cliff home. I love every single quirky, fun thing about our neighborhoods. I

especially love that we're a tight community – a small town – in the heart of a world class city.

For the last eight years, Oak Cliff has had a Council member who has fought for accountability and transparency at City Hall

and who, at every step, has protected the fabric of our great neighborhoods. I'm running for City Council because I want to

continue these noble traditions. I want to give residents and entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed, ensure that our

diverse neighborhoods and historic structures are protected and cherished, and ensure that opportunities, education, and city

services are top notch and available to everyone.


Giovanni Valderas

Question: Tell us about who you are and why you are running for office.

My name is Giovanni Valderas. I am a father, artist, former professor at Mountain View College, Community advocate, Former

Vice Chair of the Arts Commission, a founding member of Friends of Oak Cliff Parks and YOUR candidate for Dallas City

Council District 1, Oak Cliff.

This City has forgotten about our working class and our working poor. City Hall's budget has more than doubled in the last 10

years but our city services haven't doubled. Our quality of life hasn't doubled.

It's time we invest in our neighborhoods, especially in our forgotten ones. This city doesn't have a money problem, it has a

priority problem.